BACK SOUTH is a trio from Asheville North Carolina.

Back South plays Appalachian Swamp Rock, ——a trio featuring ecletic drumming, phenominal harmonica playing, jaw harp, homemade cigar box guitars and the Mississippi HogLeg guitar/bass.
Back South bridges many southern music styles ranging from Old Time and hints of Spiritual Gospel on the backbone of Rock and Blues.

The members of Back South are Todd Cecil (cigar box guitar & the Mississippi HogLeg guitar/bass and songwriter) – a Nashville music-scene transplant, Mike Fore (Harmonica) – an uprooted Louisiana via South Carolina transplant and Scott Harte: (Drums, Washboard and Spoons) – an Up-North Down-South transplant.

Together the three make a monstrous sound with fun quirky live performances that is uniquely Appalachian.








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